Leon "Action" Jackson

I was born in Jacksonville and raised on the Northside.  My ties are here, and my commitment is to the people of this city. 

My journey in the courthouse is like no other. Thirty-one years ago, I came through the doors at the Duval County Courthouse in handcuffs and shackles as a troubled youth.  When I completed my community service hours with dedication and focus, I was hired by the Clerk of Courts as a part-time helper, the lowest position in the clerk’s office.   Even then, at the age of 18, I knew without a doubt I wanted to be the Clerk of the Courts one day.  

I became so driven and so passionate about the Clerk’s office and the people in the community who visit the clerk’s office, I was appointed manager in 2005. In 2013 I was appointed senior manager. 

Then and now, I am thankful for that second chance at life I was given.  I do not take for granted the grace I was shown and the chance I was given to fulfill the American Dream. 

Having served my entire professional career in the Clerk’s office, I bring an understanding and competency that enables me to serve in a way that is unique and unmatched. I have spent years listening to what matters to people from all areas of this city. 

I am energized, committed, and ready to serve as your next Clerk of Courts.